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In 2012, after the tragic deaths of several teenagers in San Diego related to drugs and alcohol, Daryl Nuss, CEO of the National Network of Youth Ministries and long time resident of Poway, initiated a conversation with Scott Fisher, principal at Poway High School at the time, about how the faith community and the schools could work together to address the issues facing our teenagers in the community.

That initial conversation quickly grew to include Greg Mizel, principal at Del Norte High School, and many other leaders from the faith community, law enforcement, counselors and other community groups. As a result of the strong response, a steering committee was formed which includes: Traci Barker-Ball: lead counselor at Poway HS student services; Susie Berner: Poway HS mother and community leader; Todd Cassen: principal, Westview HS; John Ettore: lead pastor, The Gathering Place; Scott Fisher: former principal, Poway HS; David LeMaster: principal, Rancho Bernardo HS; Greg Mizel: principal, Del Norte HS; Daryl Nuss: CEO, National Network of Youth Ministries; Jesse Winkler: RB HS Father, Football Coach.

A survey was conducted by both the faith community and local high schools to hear from our teenagers on the issues they were facing. What was discovered were various issues troubling the teenagers in our community such as academic pressure, depression, self harm, substance abuse, and social media to name a few.

This has become the baseline for what is now known as What I Wish My Parents Knew: Empowering Parents to Support 21st Century Teens. It's a community conversation that includes large events with interactive break-out sessions addressing the issues facing our teens as well as smaller group meetings around the community. The purpose is to support parents believing that healthy homes produce healthy teens which produces a healthy community.

The conversation has grown to include the full support of all six PUSD high school principals and many other leaders in the community. We invite you to join the conversation!

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